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What are Biorhythms?

Biorhythms are a method of calculating human cycles based on mathematical functions. It "works" on the principle of sin waves denoting high, low and critical times in one's life. Biorhythms help in predicting future areas of trouble and difficulty (denoted by the "critical day"). For more information on Biorhythms, visit the Biorhythm FAQ.

Biorhythm Links

  • Biorhythm FAQ
    Have questions about biorhythms? Read our FAQ.

  • Biorhythm History
    The history of Biorhythms.

  • JavaRhythm
    Plot your biorhythms ONLINE using our biorhythm applet.

  • Universal Biorhythms HOT!
    Free download of a Biorhythm and Compatibility plotting and printing program for Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP.
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