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Universal Biorhythms
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Plot or Print Biorhythms and Biorhythm Compatibility with equal ease! Included in the program are 1050 celebrity birthdays. View Biorhythms of celebrities, family and friends and see how compatible you are with them. An unlimited database allows categorizing profiles into groups (i.e. "celebrities") and importing and exporting of the profiles/groups to text files or copy/pasting to the Windows clipboard (for e-mailing, etc.).

Universal Biorhythms can plot up to eight different rhythms (including ancient I-Ching rhythms) in both the Biorhythm and Biorhythm Compatibility view. Biorhythm Compatibility and Biorhythms can be printed or saved as JPEG/BMP graphics.

If you have questions about Biorhythms, the online help provides information on Biorhythm history and Biorhythm Compatibility.

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5 star rating at Top Shareware

5 star rating at File Transit

4 Gold Disc Award at Global Shareware

Universal Biorhythms Mentioned in USAToday Article


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Biorhythm Plot shows the main aspect of Universal Biorhythms at work. You can plot/print a maximum of 4 different biorhythms at one time.

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Compatibility Plot shows the compatibility aspect of Universal Biorhythms. Compatibility compares your biorhythm against another person's biorhythm and gives you the percentages, which can be printed out.

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Biorhythm Percentages shows you what percent your emotional, physical and intellectual rhythms are on given day in the past, present or future.

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Groups Management Dialog allows management of the profiles entered into the program. Import, export, transfer, add and delete are just some of the functions you can perform on Groups in Universal Biorhythms.

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Speed Description Location Method Size
Universal Biorhythms Trial v2.02.1 (Self-Extracting) United States (500 Users) HTTP 2.33MB
Universal Biorhythms Trial v2.02.1 (Self-Extracting) United States (500 Users) FTP 2.33MB
Registered Users Can CLICK HERE to download the FULL version of Universal Biorhythms.

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