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Universal Biorhythms Version 2.0 Revision History:

Version 2.02.1 is RELEASED: 11/1/00
CHANGED: Company address information in the about dialog.
CHANGED: Updated help system now uses HTML help.
CHANGED: New installation/uninstallation system used.
CHANGED: Minor cosmetic adjustments.

Version 2.02 is RELEASED: 11/25/99
NOTE: Works with Windows 2000
FIXED: Biorhythm/Compatibility view did not print correctly in Windows NT.
FIXED: Font sizes were incorrect on Windows 2000
FIXED: Compatibility would crash when comparing future profiles to previous profiles.
CHANGED: Compatibility View group buttons now look like buttons.

Version 2.01 is RELEASED: 8/7/99
CHANGED: Emotional rhythm is now BLUE and Physical rhythm is now RED according to "Biorhythm Standards."
CHANGED: About box now reflects new location of Retro Software Designs.
CHANGED: Biorhythm Printouts don't have black top and bottom sections framing the grid so not as much ink is used.
CHANGED: Address of Retro Software Designs on help file information.
FIXED: HP LaserJet printers would not print bottom days numbers.
FIXED: Help file inconsistencies.

Version 2.00.01 is RELEASED: 12/15/98
FIXED: Biorhythm Information dialog displaying the incorrect day of the week.

Version 2.0 is RELEASED: 11/5/98
NOTE: Number of improvements, version skipped to 2.0.
FIXED: Windows 95/NT problems due to incorrect COMCTL32.DLL.
FIXED: Windows NT problems with compatibility.
FIXES: Various bug fixes.
IMPROVED: All dialogs now have 3D buttons.
IMPROVED: All dialogs have been redesigned.
IMPROVED: Group text editing dialogs are now syntax highlighted.
IMPROVED: Biorhythm Chart printing is now higher resolution and cleaner.
ADDED: Biorhythm Information dialog now display full day of the week and can be moved to any place in the current year.
ADDED: Biorhythms chart is now resizable.
ADDED: Toolbar and menu interface has replaced older button-based interfaces.
ADDED: Tabbed interface added to move between the Biorhythm and the Compatibility view.
ADDED: Biorhythm Compatibility view now compares two profiles' biorhythms for compatibility.
ADDED: Ability to print biorhythm compatibility charts.
ADDED: 1005 Celebrity and U.S. state profiles are included.
ADDED: 5 additional rhythms (Intuition, Aesthetic, Compassion, Awareness and Spiritual) are supported.
ADDED: Online help system has been added.
ADDED: More Biorhythm Chart options including Day Highlighting and changing the size of the biorhythm viewed has been added.
ADDED: Ability to toggle individual rhythms on and off.
ADDED: Ability to backup/restore biorhythm database.
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