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Quickly and cleanly verify credit card checksums (NOT ACCOUNTS!) for valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diners/Carte Blanche cards. A system is included to log all the credit cards you have verified and see at a glance which ones are valid. This system also allows for saving/loading/printing the log.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit Card Verifier ONLY verifies whether or not a credit card number is valid, NOT whether or not a credit card ACCOUNT is valid. Please understand this distiction. Systems that verify credit card accounts require a merchant number and software that can access credit card networks. The total costs for this can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. If you are after "REAL" credit card account verification software please look into a merchant provider such as Authorize.net.

Screenshot 1 (53k JPG)
Credit card number entry screen which validates numbers on the fly. Allows for saving and loading of credit card logs.

Screenshot 2 (26k JPG)
Credit card log preview showing what will be printing -- all updated in real-time.

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Credit Card Verifier v1.3.1 (Zip Archive) United States (500 Users) HTTP 1483k
Credit Card Verifier v1.3.1 (Zip Archive) United States (500 Users) FTP 1483k

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