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Retro News
12/15/2003Universal Biorhythms Tee-Shirts!
We've opened a store which features our new Universal Biorhythms and Retro Software Designs logo on merchandise! Take a look at the goods here: http://www.cafeshops.com/retrodesigns
11/8/2003Site redesign!
The site has been updated with a new look and more consistent navigation. There are more improvements to come!
11/24/2002Popup Notification v1.0 plug-in is Released
Popup Notification Plug-in for Trillian Pro has been released. Quite simply, it adds MSN-style configurable popup notifications to Trillian. Please visit the Trillian Plug-in Information page for more information.
5/1/2002RetroSFV v1.2.1 is Released
RetroSFV v1.2.1 removes the irritation of requiring the ";Generated by" comment line in SFV files. Please visit the RetroSFV for information and download locations.
2/1/2002Credit Card Verifier v1.3.1 is Released
New version of Credit Card Verifier is now available. Improvements include support for Windows XP styles and a few minor bug fixes (memory leaks). Visit the Credit Card Verifier page to download the latest version.
4/24/2001Registered Users Can Easily Download Latest Releases!
We created a Registered Users FULL version download system for owners of Universal Biorhythms. Click here to download the latest version of Universal Biorhythms.
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